We are an established high quality nursery in Sharjah, catering for children from 3 months to 4 years of age.

We have taken the utmost care in every aspect of our nursery from planning, fitting out and designing the space to choosing the best quality of educational materials, resources and the most experienced, qualified and nurturing practitioners: we always have your child’s best interest at heart.


The pursuit of our Ethical Principles is to be found in every aspect of the Childcare we provide. This encompasses the environmentally friendly nurseries that we design, the friendly and approachable staff we employ, the healthy and nutritious food we serve and the Policies and Procedures to which we adhere.


Al Lulu Nursery offers a purposefully designed space for children 3 months – 4 years that provides a careful and seamless balance between care and education. Each of our wonderful and individually designed areas allow children to explore and discover, so that they may follow their own interests and extend their understanding, skills and knowledge.

Children are given the freedom to explore the nursery at their own pace. Focused learning opportunities are planned on a daily basis and exciting resources are available to children at all times, allowing them to revisit, extend or adapt their interests and learning as they wish.


Our vision is to create a better society for tomorrow by helping today’s children grow up as well-rounded, mature individuals who will go on to become tomorrow’s leaders.


‘Learn through Play’. ‘Play is the highest expression of Human Development in Childhood. For it alone is the free expression of what is in a Child’s Soul’ We recognise play as the language of childhood: play is how children’s gain and embed new skills, develop their understanding and demonstrate their competences. We recognise what children learn is important, but how they learn it is even more important. Through play we support children to build their confidence and independence, we empower children to choose, reason, reflect, imagine and emphasise.

Within this environment our skilled and experienced practitioners carefully weave planned, adult led focused activities which are designed to stimulate new learning. These activities offer children the ideal balance of self initiated play and adult supported play to ensure successful learning and development.