Nursery Facilities

Delivering the highest standards of childcare at Al Lulu Nursery, we’ve taken care to offer the most welcoming and stimulating learning environment. All classrooms at the nursery offer engaging and dynamic educational scope; thoughtfully designed to help children get the most out of their time with us. Our nursery school is made up of varied, exciting and engaging learning spaces with top of the range facilities and furniture; we ensure that your child is inspired and motivated to learn as well as safe and protected while in our care.

Our Nursery is structured into year groups. Each year group is managed by professionally trained Early Years Practitioners who are supported by a number of trained nursery assistants to ensure that we always meet or exceed the correct staff to children ratio.


We take good care of the babies at the Al Lulu Nursery. Our baby room is thoroughly planned and sectioned into different activity areas and a separate sleep area to ensure both maximum learning opportunities and proper growth during rest hours. Our vibrant and playful baby room keeps our little minds busy and active throughout the day.

The staff to children ratio in this room is 1 member of staff to every 3 children.


Al Lulu Nursery offers inspiring toddler classrooms for children who are confident walkers and are ready to engage in more physically active and creative activities. In these classrooms, children find everything they need to enjoy learning through play.

The staff to children ratio in these classrooms is 1 member of staff to every 5 children.


Our purpose built nursery classrooms play an integral part in developing a child’s interest towards inquisitive learning and their love for new discoveries. All our nursery activities help children to learn a range of skills, attitudes and knowledge and serve as a foundation for dynamic learning in future years.


Our carefully planned foundation classrooms offer the resources needed for children to participate in all activities in a fun filled educational environment. The room is purposefully designed to encourage early reading, writing and numeracy skills and build a natural curiosity and desire to learn more about the world.

Multi Purpose Hall

Beyond the range of nursery activities we also offer, a multi-purpose hall to support a well-balanced programme of extra-curricular activities, to develop the potential of each child; to expose them to a wide variety of stimuli, to help them explore and demonstrate their own capabilities. These skill-based activities are closely linked with other aspects of learning and cognitive development, helping to boost a child’s confidence and improving their gross motor skills.

In the multi-purpose hall, children have a wide choice of equipment such as balls, hula-hoops, soft climbing shapes, beanbags, activity mats, balance beams and parachutes. We set out physical developmental challenges for individuals and small groups to monitor how each child performs individually and collectively. The hall is also used for music and movement, drama, and other extra-curricular activities such as ballet and gymnastics. Trained sport coaches help children to learn and gently equip them with the necessary skills to prepare them for their future prospects.